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kinder-supriseChristmas Candies

Over 60 Christmas candies to choose from.

ca4j0105-190x243Stocking Stuffers

Choose from a selection of assorted stocking stuffer candies.


Choose from a selection of assorted Christmas canes.


Bulk Candy

Over 400 bulk candies to choose from for one price.

Sour Chews

Choose from a selection of assorted sour chew candies.


Want chocolate? We have lots of options for you!


Choose from over 54 different gummy candy.

Hard Candy

A wide selection of sweet or sour candy including your favourite Whirly Pops.

Jelly Belly

Choose from a selection of over 56 assorted Jelly Belly Flavours.


We have 21 different Licorice options for you. Choose your favourite!

M & M

Choose from over 21 different M & M candy colours.

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